MARKS R/C Club Instructors

The flight instructors that are listed below the instructors schedule are members of the MARKS R/C Club who have agreed to teach model airplane radio control flying to members of the club who need help. They will help flyers attain their solo flying qualifications, and will continue to work with anyone who is having difficulties with a plane. These instructors are good flyers and you can feel confident in working with them The instructors are volunteers, and their time is limited. When they are at the flying field, they often are also trying to fly their own planes, so learn to work with your instructor and this will allow you to make the best use of your time. It really helps to make appointments with your instructor. If you just show up at the flying field, and expect someone there to be an instructor who will assist you, you may be disappointed and get discouraged. Don’t be! We want you to succeed, but you need to do your part, and work with the instructors.

Instructors shown below.
Ron Dixon Ph. 262-763-9012 Fixed Wing
Larry Petricek Ph. 414-761-0153 Fixed Wing
Wayne Hunnicutt Ph. 262-662-2740 Fixed Wing
Roger Nickolaus Ph.414-761-1907 Fixed Wing